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Birthdate:May 2
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm a twentysomething brit who loves Buffy and Harry/Draco, Danny/Flack and Nick/Greg slash. And Olli and Christian from Verbotene Liebe. And tea.

The supremely lovely [personal profile] mystressxoxo made me a Valentine's day banner! Isn't it fabulous?!

from mystressxoxo!

Artwork by: [profile] star_sailor13


I wrote for

artwork by [profile] heathen_arcade


Art by [profile] star_sailor13





artwork by [profile] star_sailor13

I mod at [profile] accio_hd_fics. It's a fic search community and it is awesome.


[profile] cassie_black12 and [personal profile] nursedarry and I are modding Volume 3.0 of the Harry/Draco Remix Challenge. YAY!

banner by [personal profile] joan_waterhouse

I discovered Delicious. And it evilly enables my obsession with labelling, archiving, organising, and storing stuff prettily. So if you want to check out an obsessively labelled but hugely incomplete rec list of hd stories that I have enjoyed then here you go.

Because [personal profile] faithwood is awesome she has also written A Guide to Fanfiction. Which helped me so much when writing my first fic, and is funny, interesting, and well researched too.

Friending note: I love new friends! Please feel free to friend. I'm very curious though, so I'd love it if you sent me a message saying hi and where you came across me!
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